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Potential bug in 2.5D camera

I found this situation when changing cameras in 2.5D games. When switching from one camera to another, sometimes the scene sprites wouldn't line up the same way I configured them. After fiddling around for a while, I realized that I used Physical Cameras. And that the cameras that had different fields of view were the ones giving me problems. So, making all cameras have the same Field of View solved the problem for me.
My guess is that when the main camera copies the AC cameras during gameplay, it's not checking the field of view correctly when the Physical Camera checkbox is ticked.
Hope this helps.


  • edited December 2022

    Thanks for the bug report. What are your AC and Unity versions?

    If you're using 2018.2 or later, then the MainCamera should rely on the attached camera's physical properties.

    If possible, could you share screenshots showing the Inspectors of the cameras/Actions involved?

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