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Lock system cursor to centre of screen no longer working

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Hi Chris/anyone,

Making a 1st person 3d game here.

I just updated Unity from 2019.4.1f1 to 2022.2.1f1 and changed my project from Basic Built-in to URP v14.0.4. So far the only issue I have is the system cursor no longer hiding/staying locked to the screen centre.

The game cursor does stay centre lock.

AC Manager:
Settings > Lock Cursor in screens centre > TICKED
Cursor > Lock System cursor when locking AC Cursor > TICKED



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    If your Cursor Manager's "Cursor rendering" is set to Sofware, the system cursor and the game-cursor should be separate. Is this a case of just the system cursor remaining unlocked (but the in-game cursor is fixed in place), or is the in-game not locked either?

    Can you share screenshots of your Settings and Cursor Managers?

    The switching of Built-In to URP shouldn't affect the cursor - but I'm not sure if Unity made a change to the behaviour of Cursor.lockState in 2022.2.

  • Thanks Chris. I ended up reverting to a backup of my game. Sticking with the older Unity version and without URP (as it was causing lighting issues).

    Hopefully your response will help someone else down the line.

  • In continuation I have again updated AC and Unity to latest versions. Software cursor does behave as you described. Changing to hardware does hide the system cursor, but does not lock the game cursor in the centre. The game cursor turn the player, but is not locked. For clarity I would like the system cursor hidden and the game cursor locked in the centre.

    Here's my settings:

  • Further investigation: With these settings the Game cursor Does lock to the screen centre but only after I click in the game window. Is this working as intended?

  • With Hardware, the cursor in the game is the system cursor - the two are one and the same.

    The cursor being controlled by the game upon "focusing" the window by clicking it is a Unity behaviour. To rule out this being a Unity Editor issue, check the behaviour in a build.

  • Cool. I'll check.

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