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Crafting within Inventory Menu

Hi all,

I was taking a look at this thread:

And I noticed that it is possible to do the crafting within the inventory menu. I'm a bit confused, however, on how to approach this.

I was wondering if it is possible just to drag-and-drop inventory items to combine them; the original items would disappear, and the resulting item would be added to the inventory bar.

Here's a video of the interaction I'm talking about -- when I drag the rod to the flashlight, I want the rod and flashlight to disappear (or fade out ideally), and have a "rod-flashlight" graphic show up instead:

Thank you!


  • To clarify: "Crafting" in AC terms is a separate Inventory interaction system where you place multiple items on a grid (optionally in a specific pattern) to create a resulting item. It's more similar to Minecraft than more traditional adventure-game inventory combining.

    For the case of dragging one item onto another to create a third, you can just use regular Inventory interactions. If you create a "Combine" interaction at the bottom of an Item's properties in the Inventory Manager, you can specify for which item it is combining with.

    Then, within that Interaction's ActionList, you can use the Inventory: Add or remove Action's Replace method to replace the item with the new one. You can then run an additional such Action that uses the Remove method to remove the other item you were combining with.

  • Oh perfect! This is great to know -- thank you so much! :)
    Hope you have a great holiday break ahead!

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