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Conversation Option to Link to another option?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to create a conversation, in which one of the options links to another conversation. The issue is that when I do this, it just returns to the same conversation.

For the record, I am not using the override-options option for the dialogue choices. Instead, I am creating them through the inspector (screenshot attached).

For this option, I did a sanity-check by having the player say some random dialogue, and that seemed to be working, so it seems like the issue is with the conversation-start part of the action list.

I tried doing the override-options method, and while it seemed to work one-way, it did not work for the back-button I created in the second conversation, which leads back to the first conversation. It's kind of recursive, so I wanted to avoid the override-options option in the action list.

Here's kind of a video of how I'm going about this:

Is there a work-around for this?


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