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Colossal Cave - by Roberta Williams, coming Jan 19!

Greetings all. Here's a quick look at our new game, built on Adventure Creator:

(30 second trailer)

(a long - 5 minute look at the VR version, just me playing)

The game is releasing on PS5/Switch/Windows/Mac/Quest 2 VR/Switch and those are just the ones releasing on Jan 19th. Many more are coming soon.

I suspect we pushed Adventure Creator as far as anyone has. A special thank you to Chris Burton who gave awesome support and kept us moving at some critical times.

There were days when we cursed adventure creator, but way more days when we loved it. More importantly, we never outgrew it, which is saying a lot. The most important thing for us was frame rate. Delivering high frame rates on a Quest 2 or Nintendo Switch is not easy, but we did it.

Anyway, I'm not sure if Roberta or I will ever do another game. This was fun, but it was a LOT of work, so .. we shall see.

Best wishes all, and if I can answer any questions, please fire away.

Ken Williams


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    Oh wow. What an announcement! This looks so great. Please keep going with game designing. Yourself and Roberta are an inspiration to all adventure game designers. Sure creating them is a lot of work, though it's so rewarding when seeing the adventure game completed for all to enjoy! Also Happy New Year!

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    Looks fantastic Ken, I'm humbled to have played a part in your return to the genre.

    Congrats and happy new year to you, Roberta, and the rest of the team.

  • Hey Ken, congrats on the new game, I will be jumping into it in Janurary for sure. I'm hoping there is an option for smooth turning as well as click, for us experienced VR players who never get motion sickness. Helps with the immersion.

    Also welcome back to you and Roberta to the game making world, would love to see you both continue making games. I'm a big fan of Phantasmagoria, creeped me the heck out when it was first released and I loved all the gore ladened death scenes. Roberta doing another horror game would just be a nightmare come true, in a good way.

    Best of luck with the release!

  • JackAnimated -- Yes. Smooth turns and Snap turns are both supported. There's also a mode I use, which is Roberta's custom creation that we call "comfort mode" which allows you to steer like you are driving a boat. It's hard to explain, but you just put the left controller on your lap and tilt it to turn. Thank you!

  • Oops - Just noticed I forgot to mention xbox x|s-- it's also releasing on Jan 19. PS4 and Xbox One are not far behind, as is PC VR.

  • Massive congratulations, Roberta and Ken!!

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