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Refocus / Autoselect Menu Inputbox after pressing Enter

edited January 2023 in Engine development

Is it possible to autoselect an input box each time I press enter for a menu?

It is linked to a TMPro - InputField box, but the issue is that each time I press enter, I have to click on the inputfield again in order for it to refocus and type in it. The InputField is linked to a Unity Prefab element.

I tried using an ActionList - Select Menu Element in order to refocus it, but I think I might be doing the wrong thing.

ActionList Screenshot:

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


  • As I understand it, the behaviour is built-in to Unity.

    When are you running the ActionList, is it set to "Run In Background", and does it re-focus the box if you manually run it from its Inspector window?

    Assuming it works when run at the right time, you can assign the ActionList asset in the Input's "On End Edit" event, and run its Interact function to trigger the ActionList upon pressing Enter.

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