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How to gather text of actionlist assets that are not in the scene?

I have hundreds of actionlist assets that are not in the scene, and I use scripts to control their invocation. There's a lot of dialogue text in there.
First question, is there any way to collect the text in this part?
Second question, I used a lot of [wait] in the text, but now I want to remove all of them, is there any easy way?
thank you!


  • So that AC is aware of what ActionLists you're using (and which you aren't), they need to be referenced in AC components / Managers.

    If you're only referencing them via script, you'd currently need to have an additional reference in Actions. This could be e.g. a single (unused) Cutsene that references them via ActionList: Run Actions.

    However, this wouldn't be ideal if you're dealing with hundreds of such assets. I will look into adding the ability to reference them through a script interface, so that custom references such as yours can be done without the need for such Actions.

  • Thanks! I'm looking forward to this new feature!

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