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Redirect Ambience audio to Speech mixer group?

Hi there. A quick search didn't return any obvious post, but sorry if this has been asked before.

Ambience is set to SFX, you know, and I'd like to separate it. And as I'm not using any Speech audio in my game, I was wondering if redirecting all Ambience audio to the Speech mixer group is possible with some hidden option.

In case it isn't, I was thinking of finding its persistent Audio Source game object container and changing the mixer group on the fly. Would this be enough, you think?



  • Update: I've modified Ambience.cs like this...:

    ...and it seems to work. Certainly a better solution than doing it after the controller is instantiated.

    Now I just need to remember I tainted a script when I update AC. :p

  • As of v1.76.1, it is possible to override the Ambience and Music objects with custom prefabs. You should be able to use this to override Ambience with an Ambience prefab whose Mixer Group is assigned to your Speech mixer (or a child of it).

  • Nice. I should have mentioned I'm still on 1.73.0

    Thank you!

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