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Parallax group and remember transform

Hey-ho, I'm having a problem with this situation:
I have a background with a parallax, inside this item I put an item with its relative hotspot and a remember position component to hide it after it has been taken. The problem is that apparently the parallax and the remember position makes some unwanted repositioning every time I enter in the scene. Is there a way to avoid it? Right now my solution is to remove the remember position to switch on a different component such as remember visibility and hide the hotspot.


  • The Parallax2D component takes the object's staring position into account when calculating its new position. If you use the Remember Transform to affect its starting position, then that will also affect its parallax.

    If I'm following you correctly, you should be able to move the Hotspot to a child object of the background and only have the Remember component on this child.

  • Thanks Chris, as soon as I removed the remember transform component on the child the error is gone. I replaced it whit a remember visibility.

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