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[Bug] ActionTransform.CreateNew

I'm on v1.74.5 so apologies if already addressed.

ActionTransform.CreateNew doesn't assign the Marker.

Easy fix for anyone with the same problem, add line:
newAction.marker = markerToMoveTo;


  • Apologies for the hassle, and thanks for the bug report - I'll see this remedied in the next update.

  • Apologies for thread hijacking but I'd also like to report a bug in this Action and since it's related I didn't think it worth starting a new post...

    v 1.76.3 | ActionTransform.cs | Line 645
    Method "CreateNew_RotateTo" should be named "CreateNew_ScaleTo"

    P.S. I bought AC years ago and finally getting around to building a game with it. Very powerful. Thanks for the continued development and support, Chris!

  • While you're here, I have another... :)

    v 1.76.3 | DragTrack_Curved.cs | Line 168
    drag.GetPositionAlong() causes a NullReferenceException in GetScreenPointProportionAlong() when called by DragTrack.cs, line 139, which passes drag as null.

    A potential fix for DragTrack_Curved.cs line 165 is...
    if (Loops && drag != null)

  • Welcome to the community, @AppDevGuy.

    Great spots - thanks, I'll see to these.

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