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PlayerStart completely ignored by player...


My AC version is: 1.76.1
My Unity version: 2022.2.0b16

I'm making a sidescrolling game that uses 2D sprite based characters in a 3D persepective world. The player has 3D capsule collider and is affected by gravity. Though this is somewhat a non-standard way of doing things all seems to work fine except the PlayerStart - no matter where I place it, the player ALWAYS pops up at zero x and zero y upon hitting play... This has me completely puzzled as I have by now over 5+ years of experience using AC and 2 big games made with it (so I should be a pro by now! :P )

Here's some screens to better explain what's happening:

Let me just add that I don't rely or use nav mesh or pathfinding - I'm using AC's collision cubes for ground/walls. When character:move to point action is used I leave Pathfind and Ignore Gravity UNchecked (and that works fine). Not sure if that's relevant, though ;)

Please help! ;)



  • It may be that this is related to a similar issue reported recently, which saw issues with Rigidbody's teleporting in Unity 2022.

    Inside AC's Char script, look for the Teleport function and add the following line to the bottom (around line 1571):

    if (_rigidbody) _rigidbody.position = _position;

    Does that resolve it?

  • Yes! This has fixed it completely! :)

    Thank you, Chris!

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