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Removing a character

This feels like a super newbie question, but what's the best practise to simply remove a character?

I feel like I get lost in a jungle of visibility, send message/turn on/off, add/remove object, and all the associated 'remember' components.

I just want an NPC gone and stay gone after I reload the scene.


  • Easiest way is to simply hide them from view - add an off-screen Marker to the scene, and use the Object: Teleport Action to move the NPC there. Attach a Remember NPC component to the NPC and it'll save the change in position.

    Literally removing from the scene is more complex.

    The Object: Add or remove Action can be used to remove them from the Hierarchy, but you'd need to add and configure the Remember Transform component to have AC record their presence (and be able to re-spawn them if you load a previous save).

    This involves making them a prefab that can be added in either via Resources or Addressables - see the Manual's "Saving asset references" chapter for details - so just hiding them from view is often easier.

  • Teleport, gotcha!

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