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Splash Screen / Intro Screen

I'm having issues with the loading screen.
I have created an "intro" scene and a "menu" scene. In the "intro" scene, I ticked "Use a loading screen" and the name of the scene "intro" and set the scenes to "Build Settings" in order. But when I start the game on my phone, I see the splash screen, but it doesn't go to the menu, it's on the "intro" screen. Where else do you need to add "intro" or "menu" to start the menu after the splash screen. Thank you.


  • Welcome to the community, @DrakStar.

    The "loading screen" options in AC's Settings Manager refer to a specific scene that gets loaded in-between scenes when switching from one scene to another.

    For example, if you use the Scene: Switch Action to switch from Scene A to Scene B, the loading screen will kick in in-between them, i.e. Scene A, Loading Screen, Scene B.

    For an initial "Intro" scene, you don't need to rely on the loading screen options, and this should not be set to a scene you only want to show once.

    Adding the Intro scene to the top of your Build Settings will cause it to load first when running your game, but you'll need a means of then switching to your Menu scene.

    If you've made your Intro scene an AC scene, and you're using a Cutscene to show your logo / wait for a set time, you can end it with a "Scene: Switch" Action to then have it run the Menu scene afterwards.

  • Wow. you helped me :)
    I created cutscenes an "Intro" scene a add Engine/Wait Continue Scene/Switch name scene "menu"
    Thank you ))

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