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Spine Skeleton Parts Renderer Follow Sorting Map issue

I am having problems with the Spine Skeleton Parts Renderer is something I sometimes use with no issues at all
but I found problems using AC.

Basically, the component Follow SortingMap is causing all children to render in order zero.

This breaks the main functionality of the render order separators...

Image 1 is with the component enabled:

Image 2 is with the component disabled

Image 3 is box is what causes the order to break.

Any ways around this Chris?

Images here:



  • The Follow Sorting Map component will take control over the various Order In Layer values found in the object's Hierarchy.

    If you attach a Sorting Group component to the same object as the FSM, however, it will only control that.

    Alternatively, you can uncheck Affect character sorting? in the Sorting Map itself, and rely on Unity's own sorting properties to control sprite ordering.

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