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Stop talk cycle but keep subtitle

I'm aware of two settings for the dialogues; either the text and animation are displayed for a certain time, and can be based on the length of the audio clip, or the text stays until the player skips it manually.

However, I'd prefer if only the subtitle stays indefinitely, and the talking animation stops after a set time. I want the player to able to dictate when to advance the dialogue, but it looks a bit weird when the character's talking loop goes on forever, especially after a very short "Hi!" or similar. Is this hybrid setting possible to achieve?


  • Speech can be set to display indefinitely by checking Display subtitles forever until user skips it? in the Speech Manager.

    To only have animation display during its "normal" lifetime, further check the Play talking animations forever until user skips it? underneath.

  • Oh, I suppose I should update AC, because I don't have that option in my editor

  • What version are you using, and can you share a screenshot of your Speech Manager's "Subtitle settings" panel?

  • edited April 12

    Version is 1.74.2... should probably update but have been postponing it...

    This is what my settings look like:

    I don't see any option for "Play talking animations forever until user skips it?" but I would really like to uncheck it.

  • You'll need to update to the latest release to see it. However, I recommend trying it out in a duplicate/backup project, as its quite a jump in versions.

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