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Speech scroll audio sounds even when SFX audio is turn off

I use a short audio (<0.1s) for speech text-scroll, and it is set to SFX. But even when the SFX volumen is set to 0, the first dialogue in the scene plays this sound. Then, the rest of the dialogues remain in silence as they should be.
How can I prevent this to happen when the SFX volumen is 0?
Thanks so much for any help with this!!


  • Welcome to the community, @ray23.

    It sounds like a bug with AC, but I'll need to reproduce the behaviour on my end to be sure.

    What are your AC/Unity versions, are you relying on Audio Mixer Groups, and at what point is the scene's first dialogue playing? Does it play the very moment the scene begins, or does the issue occur even if the dialogue is delayed?

  • I'm using AC v1.74.5 and Unity 2020.3.26f1. For the audio, I'm relaying on the basic audio source component.
    This problem happens also in scenes when the dialogue is delayed.

  • Thanks for the details.

    I believe I've recreated the issue. Try this: open up AC's Sound script (inside /AdventureCreator/Scripts/Logic) and then copy/paste the following into line 593:

    SetMaxVolume ();

    Does that fix the problem?

  • Yes, it definitely solved the problem. Thank you very much!

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