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Reconnecting folder structure

Hi there,

I've been using AC for my game and it's been great, but for some reason one of the scenes seems to have had the folder structure disconnected from AC. I say this because using the AC Game Editor and other AC functions to create new objects such as hotspots, cameras, cutscenes, interactions, etc do not make them in the corresponding section of the Hierarchy. To keep thing organized, I have to place it in the proper section myself, which is simple, but tedious and annoying.

I'm not sure why exactly it's no longer registering the hierarchy structure, but is there any way to reconnect it to make this easier?


  • Do you have the "folder" GameObjects in your scene's Hierarchy, e.g. "_Logic", "_Cameras" etc? You can have AC create them if not by clicking With folders at the top of the Scene Manager.

    AC will automatically add new prefab instances to this folders if found, but with the added caveat that these folders are placed at the origin of the scene, i.e. a Position of (0,0,0). This is to prevent objects being parented when un-intended.

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