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Animation Setting Prob

Hey if my character animation method is made with bones than at the animation settings what do I need to choose


  • This is for a 2D skeleton-based character, I take it?

    How many directions can they face, and does each facing direction have its own skeleton?

    For 2D, both Sprites Unity and Sprites Unity Complex animation methods are available, but I'd recommend Sprites Unity Complex for more control - especially if multiple skeletons are involved.

    With this mode, animation is driven through parameters that you supply in the character's Inspector, such as a "Move speed" float that will be set to the character's speed automatically. You'll need to configure your character's Animator controller to make use of this to trigger transitions between states, which can be a bit complex if you have different skeletons for different directions, but this will give you the most control.

    This is only general advice, though. If you can clarify how exactly your character is rendered, I can give move specific help.

  • I used skinning editor for rigging my character. It has bones and such and all the animations were made by moving the bones to walk and idle. All I want is a clarification on witch is better

  • Btw how to post an image or a screenshot?

  • All I want is a clarification on witch is better

    It depends on the finer details I've mentioned, but Sprites Unity Complex will give you the most control and flexibility.

    Btw how to post an image or a screenshot?

    Details can be found on the rules page here.

    The forum doesn't support the hosting of images, but you can upload them to an image-hosting site such as, and copy/paste the links.

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