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Camera Switch not working after timeline

Hi Chris,

I am using Unity 2019.4.22f1 with AC v1.76.1.
After my cutscene ends, that I have created with timeline and Cinemachine, I switch the camera to the Advanced third person camera from AC. But it switched to the Main Camera only, do you maybe know why? Also on the TPC cam the target is set to player and the initial direction is set to Behind player.


  • Check your AC's MainCamera's Inspector after the switch should have occured - it'll name that camera it's supposed to be attached to. Is it listing the third-person camera?

    This may be a case of it being attached, but the MainCamera not rendering. How have you set up Cinemachine? The recommended way is to attach the Cinemachine Brain component to an AC Simple Camera, and then transition to it via Camera: Switch Actions and AC MainCamera Timeline tracks.

  • Thanks Chris. The brain was running from the main camera and solved the issue by moving the brian to a simple camera.

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