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Custom icon for a hotspot

Hi, I've configured a custom icon for a hostpot using custom events in the highlight but I've only been able to make it disappear very abruptly by turning it on and off.
(first hotspot in the video)
Is there any way to make it appear with a small fade like the default icons do?
(second hotspot in the video)


  • Your events are enabling and disabling the entire GameObject - this is an instant effect and won't allow for fading.

    For an effect over time, you can either rely on a custom script function to handle the fading - or animation.

    If you attach an Animator to the icon's GameObject, and add animation state that cause it to fade in and out, you can have the Highlight's event fields call this Animator component's e.g. SetTrigger function to handle the playback of those animations.

  • edited March 2023

    Thanks Chris, I managed to do it with animations.
    I now have two icons on the hotspot, the default and the new one.

    Is there any way to disable the default icon on specific hotspots?

    My settings

  • The settings are global - you could feasibly have a script that modifies their values based on the last-selected Hotspot, but it'd likely be error-prone.

    I'd say it's better to clear the Hotspot icon texture field, and solely rely on Highlight events instead. These can fire different events on a per-Hotspot basis if necessary.

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