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How to enable hotspot in the choice of options of a conversation?

I have added some objects in the scene that include a hotspot, I want to be able to select these hotspots while I choose a conversation option and during the conversation these hotspots cannot be used.

I have them activated but when the conversation starts and the selection of options does not appear the hotspot, instead when the conversation ends it lets me select them.

Is there any option that can enable hotspot selection during a conversation and take options?

Thank you so much.


  • By default, a Conversation is a separate "mode" to the rest of the game, and Hotspots will not be interactive while a Conversation is running.

    If you check Allow regular gameplay during Conversations? in the Settings Manager, this restriction will be lifted.

    You'll need to be careful with it, however, since both interactivity and player movement will be possible now. You'll need to use the Engine: Manage systems Action when the Conversation begins and ends to lock the Movement system while it runs if you want to stop the Player from being able to move around.


    Here I show that this option is activated but it does not work. The hotspots can be interacted with once the conversation is over and I want them to be able to be activated when a conversation option is selected.

    This is the flowchart of when it starts, it sends a message to the object "the character" and it interacts with it and within the character the conversation begins.

    Any suggestions.

  • Check the interactivity of a Hotspot higher up in the screen - to rule out the boundary of the Conversation menu blocking clicks on the bottom of the screen.

    If you enable the AC Status box (from the bottom of the Settings Manager), what does it display when the options are showing?

  • I have gone up the dialog options selection menu and everything works now.

    Although I have noticed that the cursor disappears when there is a dialog, is there an option to make the cursor always visible?

  • The cursor will disappear by default whenever gameplay is blocked. You can assign a dedicated "cutscene" cursor, however, at the bottom of the Cursor Manager.

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