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Object Animate - Wait until finish? waits longer than actual transition is complete

edited March 2023 in Technical Q&A

I have a Mecanim setup and play a custom animation and waitUntilFinished.
But the actual triggering of waitUntilFinished happens at the end of the next transition.

In my example I play custom clip "Pers_sitting_neutral_to_kind_transition" and waitUntilFinished got triggered when the animation reached the end of the "Idle" state.
I would expect that waitUntilFinished triggers when it reached the "Talk" state.!Are186wOc-T0-Qt2lL-p0Pr9yjiB?e=7Yn8lK

Is this a bug or intended behavior?
Is there already a way to get the expected behaviour to work?

AC Version 1.75.4, Unity 2020.3.33f1


  • How many frames into the Idle state does the Action wait?

    Issues related to this Action's method were addressed in v1.76.0. In a backup/duplicate project, import the latest release - does it still occur?

  • The action waits until the Idle state is run until its end.
    I'll try out the latest release.

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