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Camera spin rotation after switching back to main camera

Hi! First time poster here :smile:

I need help with a camera switching issue. I'm making a third person 3D game, and my main camera follows the player using the 'spin rotation' setting.

I have a hotspot on the far left of the scene, and when I 'use' it, the camera switches to a zoomed-in static camera for a few seconds to get a closer look at the object, then switches back to the main camera. Transition time is 0 for both switches.

The issue is, when switching back to the main camera, it doesn't keep the rotation from right before it switched to the static camera. Instead there is a ~1 second transition where the camera spins (presumably from the world origin) to rotate toward the player again, which looks kinda weird.

Does anyone know of a way around that? Let me know if you need more details.



  • Sorry, 'third-person' might be misleading there. I don't mean the camera follows over the player's shoulder, it's just a basic front view of the whole scene, but following the player to give it a bit more depth.

  • Welcome to the community, @solitudegames.

    What are your AC and Unity versions, and are your cameras independently arranged in the Hierarchy?

    Cameras should retain their intended orientations when inactive - are you moving the Player at all during this time?

    Try keeping the Scene window open with the "main" GameCamera selected in the Hierarchy. The Scene window should show you its position while the game runs - does it "snap back" once you cut to the close-up camera, or only once you switch back to it again?

    Any screenshots you can share of the issue - particularly the Inspectors of the objects involved - will help clarify the setup you have.

  • Thanks @ChrisIceBox

    Unity: 2021.3.17f1 Personal
    AC: 1.76.3

    Cameras are independently arranged.

    I watched the main camera in scene view and it does retain it's orientation when the close-up camera is active, but then when it switches back to the main camera, it does a little jump down before settling back into place.

    I think I figured out what's causing it. I have the main camera's Spin rotation set to Target direction fac.: 1.5 - If I set that to 0 it doesn't happen. It's like that setting doesn't get retained and has to reset itself when switching cameras.

    Main camera settings:

    Second camera is a basic static camera zoomed in on an object:

    Hotspot actions:

    If you need more info I can record a video later.

  • Thanks for the details.

    The "Target direction fac" field causes the camera's rotation to be influenced by the direction that the Player is facing. If the Player isn't turning during this time, it shouldn't be factoring in like that.

    Does this occur if you replace your Player character with that of the 3D Demo, Tin Pot? He can be found in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Demo/Resources. If so, it might be best for you to PM me the scene file so that I can see this issue for myself.

  • Hi @ChrisIceBox

    Yes, same thing happens when I use TinPot. I've created a simple test scene with just a plane and an object. I'll PM you the scene file so you can take a look. Thanks!

  • Confirming that this is resolved in AC 1.77.1

    Thanks for the quick fix @ChrisIceBox !

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