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Inventory menu brightness/exposure/lighting?

I've been seeing an issue for a while where the inventory item graphics in game look too bright/overexposed/washed out compared to how they look in the project folder:

I was sure it must be something I had done, maybe an issue with the image colour management, or project settings or something, but after trying to rule everything out, I found that it also seems to be the same in the 3D Demo:

Any thoughts on what could be causing that and how to fix it?


  • What's your Unity version, and what render pipeline are you using?

    It does look like a project setting - have you tried modifying the "Color Space" option in Unity's Player Settings?

    Try importing AC into a fresh Unity project - does the 3D Demo have the same issue there?

  • Unity 2021.3.17f1 with built-in renderer. I'm on a Mac if that makes any difference.

    Changing the color space from Linear to Gamma made things look more accurate. I guess that's fine, although I've read that it's generally better to use Linear. Maybe there are other settings I could tweak, I'll need to look into it.

    Same issue in a fresh unity project (color space is set to Linear by default).

  • Try switching over to Unity UI for your Menu rendering.

    You can do this by setting your Menu's Source property to Unity Ui Prefab - each of the default menus has a Unity UI counterpart that you can use to test with. Do the colours appear correct then?

  • Ah yes, it looks fine when using Unity UI Prefab. I'll stick with that then. Thanks for the help!

    What I did notice is that with Unity UI, when I select an inventory item, the cursor changes to the item image, and it is highlighted, so it looks like the brighter version I was seeing with the AC menu.

    So it's like the AC menu is showing that highlighted version by default, not only when the item is selected. I couldn't find any settings for that, so I'm not sure how it's controlled.

    Anyway, happy to stick with Unity UI since it's working now. Thanks again!

  • Both AC-sourced Menus, and Software cursor rendering, rely on Unity's ImGUI system - so the behaviour you're getting sounds right, though I'm not sure of the exact cause.

    You can modify your Cursor Manager's Cursor rendering field, however, to either Hardware (to use the system cursor) or Unity UI (to use a UI Canvas) to avoid this. More details on the latter can be found in the Manual's "Unity UI Cursor rendering" chapter.

  • Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

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