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Playing voice files from Addressables

Good afternoon. I tried to set up voice files from Addressables but the voice files are not playing. Where can be an error?


  • I see two issues:

    1. The Addressable key needs to match that listed inside the speech line's properties in the Speech Manager, i.e. "AI Protection222", not "Speech/AI Protection222".
    2. You need to add AddressableIsPresent to the Scripting Define Symbols in your Project settings.
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    Good afternoon.
    I have corrected these errors. The voice file is playing. But the subtitles in the original language are gone. If I switch from the menu to another translated language, then the subtitles in that language are shown, but the voice file is not played. I wanted the subtitles (both in the original language and translated) to play at the same time as the voice file in the original language.

  • By default, dialogue that has associated audio will not display - it'll only be heard.

    The player can change this via the "Subtitles?" option, but you can force them to always show by selecting the Subtitles menu in the Menu Manager and check Ignore 'Subtitles' option?.

    To have the original language's audio play when a translation is active, uncheck Speech audio can be translated? in the Speech Manager.

  • Thank you. Everything is working.

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