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Inventory and Hotspot Unity UI Menu Sorting

Unity 2021.3.17f1
AC 1.77.1

Here's the quickest way to reproduce this issue:

  1. Create a new 3D core project.
  2. Import AC and run the new game wizard for a 3D game with P&C interface and Unity UI
  3. Organize the scene (with or without folders)
  4. Add an inventory item, set to carry on start (I used the worm sprite from the 2D demo game).
  5. In the Cursor Manager set 'When Inventory Selected: Change Cursor and Hotspot Label'
  6. Run the game.

Select the item from your inventory. The hotspot text displays the item name in front of the inventory menu. All good.

Now move the cursor down off the inventory menu. The inventory closes and the hotspot text displays "Use [item] on". All good.

The problem:

Now move the cursor back to the top of the screen. The inventory menu opens again, and the cursor (item image) is still in front of the inventory menu, but the hotspot text (Use [item] on) is now behind the inventory menu.

It can still be seen because the panel is semi-transparent by default, but if you use an opaque image you can't see the text.

Here's a quick video to demonstrate (I added a second inventory item to clarify the issue if you want to combine inventory items).

I've tried changing canvas sort orders on inventory and hotspot UI prefabs, using sorting groups, sorting layers, changing z-positions, but I can't find a way to keep the Hotspot text in front after the Inventory is closed and then reopened.

Any suggestions?


  • I've discovered that it doesn't happen if I enable "Only show label when over hotspots and inventory", so maybe it's to do with the order the menus are turned on?

  • Thanks for the report - indeed, it looks related to the order in which they're turned on.

    This is only the case, however, when their Sort Order values are the same - which they currently after, by default.

    I shall look into updating the provided default HotspotUI prefab, but you should be able to correct the issue manually by selecting your HotspotUI prefab and setting the Canvas component's Sort Order to 1.

  • That worked, thanks! Can't believe it was that simple. I was sure I had tried that. I guess I tried everything but!

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