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Fast Forward through cutscenes?

I currently have the ability in my game to skip cutscenes entirely by a hotkey. Mostly works fine.
Players have additionally requested the ability to fast forward through cutscenes via hotkey similar to RenPy. Essentially it automatically plays through an actionlist quickly while the key is held down, without the need to click to progress through each dialogue line.
In my case, it would also somehow need to make camera transitions faster while held.
Is there a way to do this? Something to do with timescale?


  • The Engine: Change Timescale Action can be used to modify Unity's Time.timeScale value.

    If you create a pair of Active Inputs - one to respond "on button down", the other "on button up" - you can use this Action to slow things down while a key is pressed, and revert back to 1 when released.

    To note about this Action, however: currently, it only affects Time.timeScale, which will not affect the frequency of physics updates. The option to have it also affect Time.fixedDeltaTime, to overcome this, will be introduced in the next release.

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