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UI Unity Layer

I was wondering if there is a way to set the unity layer of the UI elements created by the AC Menus.
When I open the inventory, I enable a blur-post-processing effect, but it doesn't work on the UI elements that AC creates.
I can set the unity layers the PP-effect should effect.
So is it possible to somehow give those Menus different unity layers?


  • "AC" menus - i.e. those with their Source property set to Adventure Creator - don't exist as GameObjects in the scene on a specific layer. This mode uses Unity's ImGUI system, which is drawn on the screen after all else.

    To control the layer on which your Menus appear, use Unity UI to render them.

    Each of the default Menus have a Unity UI counterpart, that you can enable by setting their Source to Unity Ui Prefab. You can then adjust the layer by editing their linked Canvas prefab.

    Details on how AC's menu system works with Unity UI can be found in the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter.

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