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Change AC menu font color through Action

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Hi there,
I've successfully created a custom action to change a menu element font and font size but I can't succeed in changing font color.
This is my script:

using UnityEngine;

using UnityEditor;

namespace AC
    public class ActionChangeFontColor : Action
        // Declare variables here
        public string MenuName;
        public string ElementName;
        public Color MyFontColor;

        public ActionChangeFontColor()
            this.isDisplayed = true;
            category = ActionCategory.Menu;
            title = "Change Menu Font Color";
            description = "Change Menu Font color";
        override public float Run()
            AC.PlayerMenus.GetElementWithName(MenuName, ElementName).fontColor = MyFontColor;
            return 0f;

        override public void ShowGUI()
            // Action-specific Inspector GUI code here
            MenuName = EditorGUILayout.TextField("Menu name:", MenuName);
            ElementName = EditorGUILayout.TextField("Element name:", ElementName);
            MyFontColor = EditorGUILayout.ColorField("Font Color:", MyFontColor);


no matter which color I choose, the text stops appearing.
What am I doing wrong?


  • The code looks correct - does the new colour have its alpha set to 1?

  • I'm an idiot...
    Thanks and sorry for bothering!

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