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Documents in containers


Is there a way to have documents in containers? I want the player to be able to open something, say a chest, and find a document (scrap of information about the world), along with inventory items. However it doesn't appear that you can add docs to containers, only inventory entries.

Am I missing something?



  • Documents and Inventory items are separate entities.

    You can, however, have an Inventory item that represents a Document, and then set that Item's "Use" ActionList to one that runs the Document: Open Action to view the Document when clicked.

    Through scripting, you can also have the Document be added automatically when the Item is added (and vice-versa when removed):

  • Thanks Chris. The latter sounds like it will work. My UI separates docs from items so need to "physically" add a document rather than just open it via scripting.

    Will take a look.
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