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Document properties


Is there a way to create Properties for Documents? Currently the Properties feature support Inventory Items and allows for custom property fields (very useful). However it doesn't work with Documents.

My use case is wanting to have things like Author, Date, Location, fields shown when viewing a document. This adds to the immersion and would be easily doable with Properties but they don't seem to show against Documents.

I'm tempted to move my Documents to Inventory Items of a set category, with properties, which I think will work (given that I don't have 'pages' as such).



  • You can associate a Document with an Inventory item, as we discussed in this thread.

    What you could also do is have an Inventory item property be reserved for its associated Document - i.e. create an Integer property for your items, and use that to store its associated Document's ID number.

    I've updated the wiki script on this page to use this technique.

  • Thanks Chris.

    Yes, implemented the advice on that other thread and that's working well. So in reality I'll need to keep referring back to that inventory item and it's properties when working with the document that relates to the item?

    I think for now I'll use a category of item and pretend it's a document, given that I don't use pages.

    Might be nice to expand the docs function to add properties given their usefulness for adding extra immersive feelings to the data.
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