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Creating an inputbox to be password entry

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hello, could anyone, please, explain step-by-step how to handle the value from the menu with an input element?
There's already an explanation in User Manual, but it would be better to explain it in greater detail


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    I'll get a tutorial up on the site, but in the meantime: you need to create a string variable, and use the Variable: Set Action.  When you select a string variable in that action, you can change the Source field to "Set As Menu Input Label".  Then you just need to enter in the titles of both your Menu and the Input element, and your variable will be assigned.

    You can then show this string in Menus by setting a Label Type to Variable, and check it's value using the Variable: Check action.
  • Many thanks, it works like a charm  B-)
  • Please a visual tutorial on input manager and aplications would be great, 

    Because this is a complex subject to implement, 

    Its not totaly clear how to select a input slot ingame, 
    we dont get confirmation when slot is "writable"
  • Well, that would be a part of your GUI design - e.g. a "Enter here ->" label next to it.

    A tutorial for this is planned, however.
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