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"run action list" params don't retain game objects ID

I'm trying to create an action list (asset file) that adds a new prefab instance to the scene, switches camera to the one inside the prefab, plays a timeline in there and possibly does few other stuff all related to the content of the prefab. this would allow me to inject several "closeups" throughout the game and easily switch from gameplay to these closeups and back, without having them included in the scene beforehand.

my problem is that the action "run action list" apparently doesn't retain IDs for its parameters, like other actions do. For example with the action Object:teleport I can reference an object inside a prefab, and its ID will be used as soon as I exit prefab mode. In "run action list" this doesn't happen, and the reference to the object will simply be lost once I exit prefab mode and run the game. This makes impossible for me to interact with the objects inside the closeup (camera, timelines etc). Example within prefab mode, example outside prefab mode (the run AL loses the reference)

I have the additional complexity that this asset action list will be executed from in-scene action lists using parameters (for the prefab, the camera, the timeline etc), so I would need the IDs to be passed down as well, which I think is not something that happens normally.

Is there a way around this? I was thinking converting the params from game objects to ints and find a way to locate the objects through these instead of a direct reference, but I'm not sure how to go about it



  • What's your AC version, and is the ActionList: Run Action being run from within an asset file?

    Is there a difference if - rather than assigning the field from prefab mode - you drag the prefab into the scene, assign it there, apply changes and remove the prefab?

  • Hi, I'm with AC 1.75.0

    The run action is called from an AL in the scene (not an asset), but the action list being executed with it is an asset.

    No difference if I drag the prefab in the scene and then remove it. The ID still aren't registered (before removing, after removing)

  • The workaround would be to move the ActionList: Run Action (with parameter settings) to an asset file, and then have your AL in the scene run it with a separate ActionList: Run Action (that has no parameter settings).

  • I'll end up with one AL asset for each close up, but I guess it's manageable. Thanks for the advice!
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