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Save / Load works in editor but not in build

Hi everyone,

Unity 2021.3.7.f1
AC 1.75.5

I have read through the manual and as many posts as I could find but I can't find the solution to my problem. Saving and loading works fine in the editor but not at all when I create a build. I have tried everything I can think of.

This is my intro sequence CutScene. It checks to see if an autosave exists already. If there is no autosave the game continues the intro sequence, if there is an autosave then an alternative animation plays and then the game is loaded.


This is the ActionList that is called when clicking on Pause Menu > Quit while in-game. It overwrites the autosave then calls the QuitButton ActionList asset.


Again, this works perfectly in the editor. I can enter the game and exit as many times as I want and everything is saved. However when I make a build, nothing gets saved at all.

Please help, thank you!


  • We'll need to do some debugging to get to the bottom of it.

    You've added comments to a few of the Actions, but place more to both ActionLists so that it's clear which paths are being taken. Have these comments display in the Console via the bottom of the Settings Manager.

    Next, run the game as a build, get the issue to occur and close it. Then open Unity's Player Log file for the application. In here, you'll get printouts of any Console message - check for the comments, as well as any related messages AC is giving out.

    What are you finding, and does this also occur if you duplicate the project and import into it the latest AC release?

  • Hi Chris,

    I didn't do anything except add more comments and look at the log files and now it's all working but I'm none the wiser!

    The editor logs all show things working correctly and the player logs do too. This time when I reloaded the built game my save was restored as it should be.

    Hopefully the issue will not crop up again, thanks for your help.

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