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Update wait cursor on frame to prevent flickering?

The way my game is set up involves switching rapidly between cameras in a 2D setting. Because of this, the cursor is constantly switching to the wait/cutscene cursor for a split second as the player is navigating while each camera is loaded in. This makes a flickering, glitchy look that I don't really love.

Cursor example

Would there be some way through scripting to override the wait cursor? Or update the wait cursor texture to be set from whatever hotspot it's currently over every frame? Or set to the last most recent texture? Just something to make it consistent.



  • You can prevent the game entering "Cutscene" mode as a result of the ActionList running, by setting the ActionList's When running field to Run In Background.

  • That did it, thank you!

    However, there are some instances where I'd like to briefly pause the player without switching to the cutscene cursor - how should I go about this?

  • "Pause the player" as in prevent interactivity?

    The Engine: Manage systems Action can temporarily disable the Interaction and/or Movement systems during gameplay. If you ran this at the start of a background ActionList, and another to re-enable at the end, you can prevent interactivity without placing the game in "cutscene" mode.

    Alternatively, you could use scripting to alter the cutscene cursor's assigned texture.

  • That's exactly what I need, thank you Chris!

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