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Direct movement can go off-mesh

Hi all

I'm playing with giving the user the option to have direct control for physical Controller support. The manual says that if I have the Navmesh Agent and Navmesh Integration, that the player shouldn't be able to move outside of the navmesh. However I'm seeing that the player can be moved out of the navmesh.

See screenshots below.,

I don't have colliders stopping the player, instead I have a navmesh on the floor layer, with navmesh modifiers excluding areas to keep the player constrained. This works fine in Point and Click mode but not in Direct mode with the above components attached.

AC 1.78.4
Unity 2022.3.4f1



  • Currently, the feature works by detecting if the game begins in Direct control, rather than it being set at runtime.

    Are you switching to Direct control mid-game? If so, enable this by default - does it then work?

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