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Integrating AC and Ultimate FPS

I've tried integrating my game with UFPS for a while now but after looking through the various tutorials and discussions on the forums, I've only managed to fill the console with errors. It is also quite confusing to me how there's Ultimate FPS, then there's the Ultimate Character Controller versions 2 and 3 and some tutorials talk about one or the other and when I got the UFPS it says it's version 3 and the documentation talks about Ultimate Character Controller and I'm just at a loss. Both the downloadable integration unity packages seem to be useful for only the UCC. All the information on this matter seems to be quite old at this point.

I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to safely integrate UFPS into a game mid-development?
  2. Have either AC or UFPS updated in a way that breaks the integration? For example, when I add the "UltimateFPSIsPresent" to the scripting define symbols I just get a bunch of errors pointing to the UFPS integration script.
  3. The AC manual at "Ultimate FPS integration" also says that you can download ready-made player prefabs. Is this referring to the Player Prefab: First-person? (Which I am already using as a base for my player)


  • Apologies for the confusion.

    "Ultimate FPS", going by the AC Manual, refers to the original UFPS asset that was available before Opsive bought it. After this purchase, it then became known for a time as "Opsive UFPS", and eventually UCC v2. This itself then evolved to the UCC v3 it is today.

    The UFPS integration script the AC includes ought to be deprecated - thanks for the prompt - as UFPS itself is long-since gone. The prefabs referred to in the Manual have also since been replaced with the UCC integration packages.

    I shall remove the UFPS script and Manual's mention of it as part of v1.79.

    If you want to make use of this asset, UCC v3 is the one to use.

    It will be a bit tricky to import this into an existing AC project, however, as (IIRC) UCC has its own Project settings (Input, Tags, Layers etc), that overwrite your existing ones upon import.

    Fundamentally, though, as it's just a way of controlling the Player, it won't "break" your game in the sense that your Hotspots / game logic etc will still remain. Though, I'd recommend first importing both it, then AC, then the AC/UCC integration package into a fresh project, to get a handle on how the two work together.

  • Alright, thanks for the information!

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