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Persist Hotspot changes across scenes

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I'm trying to make my prefab's hotspot label change persistently across scenes.
As an example -- I have an object O. which is a prefab.

O's original label is "LABEL".

In scene A, I have an instance of O, of which the hotspot object is its child, and I change the label of this hotspot in an action list to "LABEL_MOD" in scene A.

In scene B, which the player gets transported to after scene A, there is another instance of O, but I noticed that the hotspot name is still "LABEL".

Is there a way I can persist the changes that happened in scene A to O, to scene B's instance of O?

I have a "remember hotspot" component attached to the hotspot object, so I'm not sure what's could be going on.

Thank you!


  • They're two separate objects - though they may derive from the same prefab, at runtime Unity will break these connections and they'll be totally independent.

    Since you're just dealing with the name change, though, you can just use a Global String Variable to represent the name of both.

    Create a new such Variable, set its default value to "LABEL", and note the Replacement token field beneath.

    Insert this token into the Label (if not name) field of the Hotspot prefab. At runtime, the name will then be set to the value of this variable.

    You can then use the Variable: Set Action to update the labels.

  • Thank you so much! Looks like this worked! :)

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