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endCutscene button causes Menu to never turn off when scene switches

Hi all!

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I have a menu that is supposed to turn on for a short period of time (2 second transition time), and then it turns off immediately.

The issue is that when I press "c", which is mapped to the endCutscene action, it looks like if I switch scenes while the menu is still on, it never ends up turning off.

For reference, I have an actionlist that turns this menu on (with transition + wait till finish checked), and then it turns off (with transition + wait till finish checked).

Is there any way I can prevent this behavior? This only happens in between switching scenes when I press "c"; otherwise, the menu turns on and off as expected.

Any guidance would be appreciated, thank you!



  • If I'm following you right: this is a case when you have two ActionLists running at the same time? One that turns the Menu on/off, and another that ends with a scene-switch.

    It may be that the scene-switching ActionList is being skipped first - ending the other one prematurely.

    If you'd always like this Menu to be hidden after any scene-change, one way around this would be to use the Events Editor to create a new Scene / Change / After event that runs the Menu: Change state Action to turn the Menu off.

  • Yes!
    Ah I think that worked -- thank you so much! :)

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    I also noticed another issue -- when I press "c" on an actionlist that is not skippable and the gameplay is paused for it, it looks like it starts that actionlist over from the beginning -- might this somehow be related?

  • This seems to happen when a camera is fading in or out -- but can't tell if it's happening otherwise.

  • I can't reproduce that behaviour - what are your AC/Unity versions, is anything else mapped to "c", and are any other (skippable) ActionLists running at the same time?

  • No it's just mapped to endCutscene -- my AC version is v1.79.0 and my Unity version is 2022.3.15.f1.

    That is the only one that's running.

  • I'll need a breakdown of the steps needed to reproduce the issue, from a fresh scene, in that case.

  • @ChrisIceBox Would it help if I give you permissions to my repository? I can go ahead and DM you the link -- it's the same one you may have accepted as earlier.

    Also it looks like if I press "c" too quickly when skipping the cutscene on the bulb - lamp interaction (in the deeper forest) -- it increments the bulbSequenceValue variable twice instead of once.

    So the lamp is showing up as fixed when 2/3 bulbs are added instead of all 3.

  • The lamp interaction happens in the dark forest, with the broken light post.
    The cutscene restarting issue happens in the parlor, after you have finished the lamp post fix objective.

  • I can download the repository, but I need to know the exact steps to see the issues, in a very clear way - i.e. open this scene, run this ActionList, press this button, check this window etc.

  • @ChrisIceBox Yes sure!
    I went ahead and bumped the repository link from an earlier DM

    As for the steps to reproduce:

    Parlor Issue:
    1. Set the "Make sure the lamp post is running"objective to be "Complete".
    2. Head to the Parlor / Mansion interior.
    3. After the blue-ball / ghost goes through the parlor, press "c" repeatedly -- the cutscene will replay occasionally -- you can also press "c" after the camera has panned back to the main character.

  • Lamp Issue:

    • Set "Carry Bulbs on start" to true.
    • Head to the Dark / Deeper Forest ( rightmost scene in game)
    • Use the bulbs on the lamp the first time and repeatedly press "c"
    • Use the bulbs on the lamp the second time and repeatedly press "c" -- the lamp will show up as "fixed" even though the last bulb has not been put on yet. This does not happen when I do not press "c".
  • I've recreated the Lamp issue, but not the Parlor issue. Pressing "c" has no effect on my end. Did I miss a step?

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    @ChrisIceBox that one is a bit flaky -- I've noticed it happens sometimes, and other times it doesn't. Unsure what's different in each iteration.

    Might you happen to know what may be causing the lamp issue? Tried to do a bit of debugging myself, but I'm unable to figure out what's going on.

  • @ChrisIceBox Ah ok just tried it out on my front -- one instance where it's happening is when I press "c" _only after the camera has panned back to the player _-- so after the line "what was that?!" plays.

  • For the lamp issue, it's a case of the variable not being reset before it is re-run as a result of skipping.

    To fix: add the following to AC's ActionVarSequence script:

    public override void Skip ()
        if (runtimeVariable != null) runtimeVariable.RestoreBackupValue ();
  • @ChrisIceBox Thank you, will do! :)
    Will update the thread once I have done so --

    At your convenience, are you able to see the parlor issue? Wondering if you can recreate it on your end, or if you prefer a video of some sort! :)

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    @ChrisIceBox also yes looks like that fixed the lamp issue, thank you so much!

  • are you able to see the parlor issue?

    Sort of - I can get the "What was that" line to repeat if I press "c" at this time.

    One thing I'm noticing is that many of your ActionLists end with an ActionList: Run Action with Wait until finish? checked. As these are the lasts Actions in the list, this check isn't necessary - but causes the list to remain "active" while the ActionList it runs if playing.

    Try unchecking Wait until finish? at the ends of the scene's AmeliaIntro and GhostMovement cutscenes.

  • Ah thanks, I think that worked!
    Might you happen to know why the Wait until Finish was causing the repeat, out of curiosity?

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