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Prioritize scene exit interaction over inventory item (if unahndled / not explicitly part of hotspot

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Hi all,

Hope you are doing well!

I was curious to know -- if I'm holding an inventory item where an interaction with a hotspot is not explicitly defined, is it possible for the regular hotspot interaction to be prioritized over the inventory item?

I want this to be possible for only scene exits and entrance hotspots, as opposed to all hotspots.

In other cases, where it's just a regular hotspot (that's not an exit / entrance), I want the unhandled inventory interaction defined in the inventory item to play.

However, in the case of an exit or entrance, I want the hotspot interaction to play as opposed to the inventory interaction, unless there is a specific inventory interaction defined for such an exit or enxtrance.

Is this possible?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


  • If I'm following you right, this should be possible by defining an "Unhandled Inventory interaction" on the Hotspot itself.

    This Interaction type will take priority over "Unhandled interaction" assets defined in the Inventory Manager - so you could then just set its "Interaction" field to the same list as its Use interaction ActionList.

  • Ah gotcha! I'll go ahead and try this out, thank you so much! :)

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    EDIT: was about to ask how I can persist the cursor after the scene changes, but this may not be necessary --
    Looks like this worked, thank you!

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