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Container is not working?

edited April 2014 in Technical Q&A
I am making a cut scene and when I select Action type : Container it is not selected and I am back to the default selection which is Camera. Any idea on that ? Ac v 1.31


  • I've noticed this too.
  • To open a container, you need both a Container: Open Action, and a Menu to display the items in.  The two demo menu managers, Demo_MenuManager and Demo2D_MenuManager, have such a ready-made menu.  Does your own menu manager have such a GUI?  You can copy the Container menu from one manager to another, if you don't.

    To be counted as a "Container" menu, one needs to have an Appear Type of "On Container", and feature an InventoryBox of type Container.
  • Thanks for the help @ChrisIceBox is this anywhere in the manual to read please?
  • Sure - just do a search for "Container".  I'll do a tutorial soon, but the manual mentions it in a few places.
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