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I am able to call upon some NGUI elements via scripting, 

but it would be great to have a more seamless pipeline integration with NGUI as another choice for more complex menus and gui.


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    Although the Menu Settings offers a lot of ways to implement Buttons as GUI NGUI support would be nice. 
  • NGUI ,  Playmaker  and Adventure Creator are probably the best assets outside Unity3D main program

     It would be great for all of them to work with each other seamlessly  

    If not be part of Unity3D system

  • Could you give a super-clear example of what it is you'd like to able to do with such integration?  I can't promise one way or the other, but when it comes to big features it helps tremendously if I know exactly how people would use them.
  • Well its not really about possible examples, even i could give you toons of it.

    Its more about speed and intuition

    Lets take Playmaker,
    You recognized that a pipeline bettew AC and PM would be beneficial 
    even if PM its just visual scripting, we could do the exact thing with manual scriting but its alot faster and easier with playmaker

    same goes with NGUI, we can build for example a very fast Diablo like Gui with NGUI and it would take ages with plain AC current menus

    People are looking at time more and more, and NGUI does cut creating menus scripting many times over.
  • Here's a specific request regarding NGUI. An action that can push text with formatting (bold, italic, etc.) into NGUI "Label". 

    Or...something similar within what already exists in AC. 
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