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Movement Speed Clarification Needed

I have created a 3d game using First Person Control, Touch Screen Input, and a Mecanim Player character.  My character seems to walk slow and does not transition to a "run" state, but stays at same speed no matter how fast I drag on iPad using Unity Remote 4.  I am confused about the relationship between the settings in the player prefab movement, the animator controller, and the walk/run threshold settings in the game editor settings tab.

I setup my mecanim player prefab and animator controller per the tutorial on the Adventure Creator site.  Player prefab movement settings: walk speed 1, run speed 2, acceleration 6.  Animator controller settings: idle->walk MoveSpeed greater then 0.1 and walk ->run MoveSpeed greater than 1, etc.  In addition, when I click on the walk and run animation clips in the animator controller and look in the inspector, there is a Speed parameter set to 1 for both Walk and Run clips.

I noticed Game Editor Settings tab has walk threshold = 5 and run threshold = 20 and am not sure of what these are.  

I would appreciate any guidance on how to configure all these settings properly so my player can walk a bit faster and transition to a faster running state as well.  Thank you for your help.


  • The first thing is to work out if this is an animation or control issue.  Start by setting your Player prefab to Tin Pot, the Demo's Player character (found in AdventureCreator / Demo / Resources).  He has been set up to work properly with drag controls - the walk/run threshold values refer to the "minimum drag distance" needed to start walking/running - i.e. how far your finger has moved since first touching.

    Use Tin Pot to work out the best threshold value for your game.  Then, replace your own player and see if that's solved it.  Keep in mind, you can still test a Touch Screen game using the mouse when in the editor - use that to keep the player's Animator window open and see if the Run animation is indeed being played.  That'll help us narrow the source if that's still not working correctly.
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