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Input Menu not recording integer

edited May 2014 in Engine development
With Input Menu i can record Strings but i am not able to record a Integers.

If the  variable holding the input is set to Integer i cannot access the "set as menu input label" only "Set as mecanim parameter" and "entered here".

How can we record input integers via input menu´s.

Thanks in advanced.


  • The contents of Input boxes can only be stored in String variables.  However, you can use the Formula function afterwards to convert a String variable to an Integer variable.  This tutorial should help.
  • Yes, but how can i access/read/modify  integer variables via script?


    GameObject.FindWithTag (Tags.persistentEngine).GetComponent <RuntimeVariables> ().GetVarValue ();

    only allows me to read strings or bools

    Is there a way around this? 
  • 1.32 will include static functions to help, eg:

    GlobalVariables.SetBoolValue (2, true);
    GlobalVariables.GetStringValue (4);
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