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Creating a 2D Branching Narrative / Educational App with AC?

I know AC is terrific for 3D and 2D adventure games, having a character walk around, or even a 2Dcharacrer walk from here to there. But I have a different sort of App in mind, More busniessy/ learning in focus.

It would be entertaining, but more like Edu-tainment. Screens of text and images, music in the background. For example, maybe the topic would be injury rehab. And you had 'chapters' each opening new screens with text, on exercises that you should do, maybe wit h a 2D or 3D avatar that would demonstrate the correct form.

Options to select that would take you to other screens.  Maybe some simply Quiz-like functionality.   Would need to remember where a ''player' left off, which I know AC can do (global vars/save pref).   But my question is, whether AC could be the right choice for something like this?  Not the usual use for sure, but can anyone think of an obvious roadblock?   Things I'd likely need to implement would be:

- Screens with a text block (maybe it types on).  then buttons at the bottom that offer options that would lead to another screen.
- Screens that play a ''slide-show' like series of images
- Maybe a simple short quiz?  (although I imagine this could be another plugin or created by hand in Unity.
- Maybe an entry screen that allows you to load previous save, or restart.

Nothing earth shattering, but I haven't gone deep into AC... though I think I'll spend the weekend in it to get a feel. It's evolved quite a bit in the past few months.

Any input or suggestions would be mighty appreciated.



  • Much of this would be done using Menus - you can show/hide menus and elements within them using Actions, handle the "clicks" of Buttons using ActionLists, and so on.

    For a menu-heavy game like this, you'd probably want to make use of Unity's new UI system as well.  AC will be getting full integration with the new UI in the 1.41 update next week.
  • AC + the 4.6 GUI system would be awesome. It's quite a good system and when paired with AC, I think it would allow a really nice workflow.

    Is there anything extra that would need to be considered for mobile?  Like would I have to disable click stuff when building to iPad/iPhone?  Or is touchEvents something handled on the Unity side or something 3rd party like EasyTouch?

    Thaks, Chris
  • On the Unity UI side of things?  That'd be a question for the Unity forums - AC's UI integration will leave click detection to the Event System.
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