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REQUEST: LOGIC inside Variable Action menus

edited May 2014 in Engine development
Is it possible to implement some logic statments (IF, ELSE IF, WHILE..) inside Variable Action menus?

I am trying to avoid too much scripting outside AC engine,  and since its hard to translate/share  integer bettew AC and outside scripting it would help alot
Some logic to get into more advanced scripting inside AC.

simple example

trying to find if one variable is bigger then the other, so i can show the biggest to the user 
like highest score


  • Just found out there are already IF statments on th Variable menu
  • We currently cannot compare two integer Variables

    We can compare a integer variable with a value, 

    but we cannot compare a variable directly against another variable (not even against its replacement token since its looking for an numeric value)

  • Does sound it would be like a useful feature, I'll look into it.
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