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Menu Manager ordering


I'm currently working on a pretty crowdy menu system . And as an obsessive compulsive guy, im trying to order my menus in manager as much as i can. But its getting a bit harder since

A) when we add a new menu, we can only move 1 slot above or below the list (although insert after is useful) . It would be much easier if we can simply use our mouse and drag & drop the menus within the list.

B) The numbering on the menus, are they relevant some how other than just to point out how many menu we have? Do we use the menu number somewhere?

If not, it would be SUPER sweet if the menu list would update it self every time we adjust the listing of the menus just so we wont get menu list like "1, 2, 9, 3, 4" etc.

I know these are not pressing issues but after a while it tends to stick to your eye.


  • The number displayed should never change, but it's not really necessary to display it, in hindsight.  I'll move it out of the Buttons labels.
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