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Object command doesnt stick on Actionlist assets?

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I create a game object 3d object Cube. Add Remember Transform , check save scene presence and retain in prefab. Add the cube in to Resources folder in Assets folder.

Create an actionlist assets. The only command is object Add or Remove - Add Object : Cube.

I add  actionlist assets to menu (actionlist when turned off) , after playing the scene , when i look back at the actionlist assets, i see Object: Add or Remove is empty.

This problem does not occur in scene actions such as "Cutscene"s, only Actionlist assets.

Is there a way to overcome this problem (except of just doing it in Cutscenes)? 


  • Be sure to add the Cube's prefab, not the scene object.
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    Hi Chris,

    if you mean cube.prefab that i can choose from project (among the asset folders) that s exactly what i'm doing.  As i mentioned above, i'm selecting the cube from the "Resources folder in Assets folder". Its not included in the scene hierarchy

    If you go through the specific scenario (adding action list.asset to menu ActionList when turned off:) . You ll see that after the first try,  "object to instantiate:" field is empty.

    But there is a "Recorded constant id:  xxxx search scenes" button under it though  . And since there arent any scene which thiis object is included, searching for it returns empty

  • There's got to be a step wrong here.  If you add an asset to an ActionList asset's Action, then the field reference will remain intact.  The only time the reference will disappear, but the "Recorded ConstantID" remains, is if you reference a scene object, not an asset.

    Try again, but this time, prefab the Cube as soon as you've created it, and then remove it from the scene.  Then only work with the prefab asset file, and not with a scene object.
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