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[BUG]: Position: Relative to Menu dragbars overlay on Value Boxes

edited January 2015 in Engine development
I'm usually using AC on my home machine which is 1920x1080 and have no problem. But since im working around, sometimes i use my laptop too (which is 1366x 768). And my laptop i realize a small problem.

On Position: Relative to Menu part, the drag bars overlay on the value box near them (the ones that shows the value of the drag bar from 0 to 100). There fore you cannot click on the boxes to change them by writing numbers. But rather have to move the drag bar until you get the value you want.

This occurs if game editor tab is smaller than width 383px


  • Also another small problem but i dont know whether this is AC or Unity problem.

    In any action list, checking or setting a variable opens up a list of variables to choose from.

    Again due to small screen size, if you got something more than 30 , the list will create a small arrow at the bottom of the screen to click in order to slide the list to show other part of the list.

    It would be much much more useful if the list break to another column. so we wont have to click one by one to reach the variables we need.
  • Could you post a shot of the overlay problem?  I'm having a hard time visualising, though it's true: the Game Editor tab does have a minimum width for it to work, in some cases.

    You're right about the second being a Unity problem.  Not sure what can be done about it.
  • Again, that's a Unity issue.  At least widening the window temporarily does give you access to what's needed.
  • Alright. Thought it might help.

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