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Click Marker

I'm looking to manage the click marker. Right now, we can set the life time, and it disappears without any control on the animation. But I would like to animate it differently, like sword&sworcery or kentucky route zero. Is it possible?


  • The field in the Settings Manager only requires a GameObject - you can replace the included script with any that you like.
  • Ok, great!
    Another question, I don't know how to explain but it's about the click marker size.
    My game is in 2D, and I would like to set the click marker size like any other cursor (scale with screen size, not absolute pixels).

  • Again, you'd just set it through your own script.  Your screen width, for example, can be read with Screen.width - so you'd just scale your GameObject by some multiple of that.
  • Hum, ok, I will check, thank you.
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